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My story 

Hello, hallo, hola, bonjour & welcome to Abroad Anna!

I’m Anna, a 26-year-old travel girl who’s been exploring this beautiful planet and myself for 7 years. 
I started my very first backpacking trip after high school when I just turned 19 and guess what? I loved it so much that I never returned!

I am originally from Cologne, a city in the west of Germany, and I always wanted to travel after high school.
So, I took a plane to New Zealand, where I was living in a van, traveling and working across the country for 6 months.

After that, I headed to Australia, the place that truly changed my life.
My plan was to stay for 6 months and then come home after my “gap year”, to start studying.
But I got so flashed by the beauty of nature and the world out there that I decided not to go back home, but follow my heart and stay in the place that I loved: Melbourne.

After 3 years of living in Down Under, it was time to explore more of the world. I backpacked & volunteered in Asia, Europe and South America where I ended up deciding to settle in Brazil for a year. And this was finally the start of my digital nomad journey! Ever since 2021, I have been working remotely, a change in my travel-life balance but certainly an awesome way to keep living around the globe.

Why I am where I am today

Some of us have a dream of what to become or what to do after high school or university. 
For me, it was not clear at all and I never knew the right path to go or the right job that I wanted to do. 
I simply wasn’t ready to commit to long-term studies for something that I wasn’t even sure about.
It took me some time & meeting so many other like-minded people around the globe, to realize that I already found something that I loved & wanted to keep doing: traveling, working, and living abroad – a different but certainly real lifestyle in its own way.

The hardest part of this journey was doing something completely different than most of my friends or what society expected. People kept telling me, I would have to study to secure my future and build a life in Germany to finally start my career.

But our life is an open book. A book that we should write ourselves, full of chapters that fulfill our heart in a way that feels right to us.

All the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, and the trust that I’ve built in myself, showed me that there is a completely other world away from our comfort zone, away from expectations and opinions.

Everything I had- good and bad experiences, challenging situations, unforgettable experiences, happy and sad moments – made me the person I am today.
I got to know myself better in many different ways, even though I am still learning and growing every single day.
In my opinion, traveling is not only about visiting places but about actively making a change. A change by developing and challenging ourselves through getting out of our comfort zone, being open to new cultures and learning about the world and life.

I want to inspire you!

I’ve created Abroad Anna to inspire you to travel and explore this world in your way.
If that’s for traveling for a short time or maybe even living and working abroad like me, is up to you!
I hope that I can give you some valuable tips and inspiration to follow your very own magic.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this- it means a lot to me!

If you feel ready to get inspired, check through my blog posts, follow me on social media & always feel free to contact me.

With love, Anna

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