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Top Places in Cebu- Moalboal & Canyoning

Cebu Island in the Philippines is known for its amazing underwater life, great diving sites and numerous waterfalls, which form one of the best attractions in Cebu: Canyoning! If you’re up for some adventure and loads of fun, this is the perfect island to include in your Philippines itinerary! Get to know more about the canyoning adventure and top places in Moalboal, Cebu in this post.

  1. Canyoning in Badian
  2. Top Places Moalboal, Cebu
  3. Places to eat
  4. Places to stay

Canyoning in Badian

The Canyoning in Badian, Cebu is a must-do when coming to the Philippines! It was one of our highlights! If you love some more adrenaline and adventure, you’re going to love this experience. The Canyoning spot is located in Badian at the Kawasan Falls, a 30-minute drive away from Moalboal.

What is Canyoneering in Cebu?

Canyoneering is all about exploring canyons and gorges downstream. That means you are working your way from the top of the waterfall stream, down to the bottom, which is in this case the Kawasan Falls. There’s a variety of ways to get through the gorges: most parts include hiking, sliding, jumping, climbing and of course swimming.

The 4 – 5 hour canyoneering experience is once in a lifetime. The water is crazily blue, the nature surrounding the waterfalls stunning and jumping off waterfalls is so much fun!! Besides that, it’s a great way of getting to know the locals, as there are many of them around.

Canyoning in Cebu is a must-do- Jumping off cliffs and waterfalls is so fun!

Good to know: If you’re afraid of heights or don’t want to jump off the very high waterfalls, don’t worry. The waterfalls range from 1 – 12 metres, but you don’t need to jump the very high ones if you don’t want to. Although, the first jumps up to 5 metres cannot be skipped as there is no alternative way of getting down.

Ville jumping off the highest waterfall (12 metres)

Arriving at the final destination: Kawasan Falls.

Where to book the Canyoneering?

There are many different companies in Cebu offering the canyoneering experience. It’s best to book the tour in person when you’re in Cebu, just make sure to check the reviews of each company online.

Most of the hostels & accommodations you stay in can give you great tips on what company to use or even book the tour for you.

Is Canyoneering safe?

Yes, it definitely is as long as you do it with a certified company. The tour guides know the area extremely well and are very experienced! You will also be provided with everything you need:

  • a life jacket
  • helmet
  • pair of aqua shoes

During the tour, you should listen closely to their instructions. Just make sure that you only participate in this kind of experience if your physical condition allows you to jump at least 5 metres. 🙂

Some Video Impressions

Jumping off the first cliff

Backwards Slide 😀

Second cliff

Natural Waterslide. 😀

10 metres

Small Rope Swing!

How to get to Badian

Badian is located in the south of Cebu, which is why it’s best to stay in Moalboal before the day of activity. From here it only takes about 35 minutes by TukTuk to arrive in Badian.

If you book the Canyoning Tour through your accommodation, the pick-up from there will most likely be included and drop you off directly at the company office, where you’ll get all your equipment and briefing. After that, they’ll bring you to the Canyoning spot.

If you’re staying in Cebu City instead, you will have to take the Ceres bus from Cebu South Terminal down to Badian (3 hrs). This costs around 120 PHP per person.

Our tour company bringing us to the entrance of the Canyoning… 😀

Top Places Moalboal, Cebu

Besides the Canyoning, there is much more to explore in Moalboal! It’s the perfect area in Cebu to make the most of your experience on Cebu Island. You will find amazing beaches, great snorkel and diving spots and also the famous Canyoning is only 30 minutes from this area.

Snorkel the Sardine Run

Moalboal is famous for the thousands of sardines that swim along the shores of Panagsama Beach. And you have the chance to snorkel right next to that special phenomenon! After a short and easy swim, you can already see crowds of thousands of sardines just below the surface of water. It’s a truly amazing experience!

Also watch out for turtles! There are many in this area. 🙂

Tip: You can hire snorkel gear at one of the many shops and dive centres located at Panagsama Beach.

Turtle Sanctuary

Our absolute favourite spot for snorkelling is Turtle Sanctuary! It’s not very popular and Ville and I were the only people exploring the still untouched and colourful corals here. There’s a huge variety of underwater life including exotic fish, sea stars and lots of turtles. We saw 5 turtles and had them all to ourselves!

The way into the water doesn’t look too inviting as there are many rocks and water plants you have to cross, but don’t let this put you off! It was one of the best snorkel places I have ever been to, it’s so worth it!

Magic moment!!

Dive into Moalboal’s Underwater World! This video was taken at Turtle Sanctuary.
Music: Sunny

White Beach

White Beach is a 15-minute drive from Panagsama Beach and therefore easily accessible by scooter or TukTuk. The white sand is surrounded by amazingly blue water making it a perfect spot to spend the afternoon, hang out and take a swim.

Tip: There are a few bars and restaurants on the beach that offer delicious lunch options and drinks.

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Cebu is famous for its stunning diving spots and Moalboal has become one of the premier spots in the Philippines for scuba diving. Diverse marine life, unique reefs in this area and some of the clearest water make it some of the best diving in the world. If you’re lucky you may get to see manta rays, sharks and even a whale shark. There are many dive operators located in Moalboal, so it’s not hard to find a good company here.

Ville and I didn’t go diving because we preferred to do the Canyoning in Badian instead, but if you have enough time in Moalboal this is something you shouldn’t miss!

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Places to eat

JG’s Grill

By far our favourite place to eat! JG’s Grill is a local restaurant offering yum meals for cheap prices. Besides BBQ options of fresh meat and fish, they also have vegetarian alternatives. It’s located a little bit out of the town centre, but if you have a scooter it will be easily reachable.

Little Corner

The Little Corner Restaurant is located directly on Panagsama Beach, which makes it the perfect lunch spot after your snorkel day with the sardines & turtles. The local food is delicious and amazing beach views are making your meal even better.

The French Coffee Shop

For good coffee and many breakfast options, you should check out the French Coffee Shop. They also have vegetarian and vegan options available.

Found this 2-week old puppy and his mum in Moalboal- how cute??

Places to Stay

Herbs Guesthouse

Herbs Guest House is a cute accommodation offering free breakfast. They also have bike, snorkel gear and kayak rental available. It’s a little bit out of the main town, so it’s best to rent a scooter before heading here. Then you are more flexible for exploring the surroundings.

➳ Good to know: Herbs Guesthouse is located right at the Turtle Sanctuary and only two minutes away from JG’s Grill!

Click here to book

Roos Guesthouse

Roos Guesthouse is a cozy B&B in Moalboal directly set at Panagsama Beach with varieties of accommodation to offer from standard fan-room to airconditioned Deluxe Bungalows. It’s not only cheap but does also have a small swimming pool, hammocks and a nice outside area to relax.

Click here to book

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These were the Top Places in Cebu: Moalboal and Canyoning in Badian! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I am stoked to know: what do you think about the Canyoneering?? Is it something you would like to do? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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