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Austria Getaway Guide – Summer Travel Tyrol

A place surrounded by mountains, scenery landscape, turquoise lakes and dreamy roads that’s Austria. If you like hiking and other outdoor activities mixed with the perfect balance of relaxation, this country should be on your bucket list! Read this small getaway post for some inspiration to travel Tyrol in summer, one of the most stunning areas in Austria.

  1. Things To Do Tyrol
  2. How to get around
  3. Food in Austria
  4. Places to Stay
  5. Best Time to Visit
  6. Travel Costs
  7. Austria during Covid-19

Things To Do Tyrol

Tyrol is the perfect place for swimming, hiking and road trips! With its magical alps that draw shapes of unreal nature, you feel like being in a picture book. Plan to stay at least 4 days to travel Tyrol to explore most of it.


The Lechtal is a beautiful Alpine Valley that might also be the perfect place for you to find accommodation with amazing views!

It offers a stunning landscape, where you can find the Lech River, one of the last alpine unregulated rivers in Europe. With its crystal clear and turquoise water it almost looks unreal between all the mountains.

Hidden photospot after Stanzach.

The small towns in Lechtal are cute to look at and there are some trails within the area that offer awesome hidden photo spots.

➳ Tip: This photo spot is shortly after Stanzach, a small town where you can find hidden photo spots when taking some of the off-trails next to the road.

Cute little Austrian towns in Lechtal.

Rafting and Canyoning

If you want to explore more of the Lech River you can book a Rafting and Canyoning Experience on the Lech. An awesome opportunity if you’re looking for some adventure and adrenaline!

Check it out here.

Drive the Alpine Passes

Get your favourite Spotify Playlist ready and prepare for some road trips in Tyrol! The following alpine passes are easily reachable from Lechtal and offer amazing scenery leading through curvy mountain roads along with forests and flower fields.


Get blown away by stunning views! The Hahntennjochpass is one of my favourite routes & we took it more than two times because it’s SO STUNNING! It’s easily reachable and nearby the Lechtal.

The Hahntennjochpass leads 34 km through dreamy mountain roads.


The Flexenpass is one of the most popular alpine passes and connects Lechtal and Arlberg. It’s relatively narrow, winding and leads partly through forested areas.


The Fernpass is with 20 km one of the most famous, but also the busiest Alpine crossings. It leads through dense fir and mixed forests. Compared to the other two passes, this one is a little less exciting as you don’t have the best views on the alpines. Anyway, if you have some extra time, it’s still worth a visit.

➳ Tip: It’s not a bad idea to always pack your swimsuit wherever you go. You might pass the one or other lake that looks very inviting to take a swim!

Swim in the lakes

In Austria’s summer months, there couldn’t be a better way for refreshing than jumping into the green-blue lakes! Tyrol has many large lakes that are not only used by swimmers, but also by sailors, kayakers or stand-up paddlers.


Take your book, a swimsuit and a towel and spend the day chilling at the lake. The Plansee is the second largest natural lake in Tyrol and the perfect place for breathing in mountain views!

➳ Tip: Plan some extra time for making a small detour to Germany visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein. It’s only a 30-minute drive from Plansee, so you can easily do it on the same day!

Don’t miss beautiful “Schloss Neuschwanstein” nearby!

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When you travel Tyrol, the Achensee is a must-visit. It’s the largest lake in Tyrol and really beautiful with its blue colours, especially popular for kitesurfing and sailing! Of course, you can also just come here to relax and have a swim. The best beach parts are in Maurach and Pertisau.

The perfect way to spend the summer in Austria!

There are also opportunities to rent a pedal or electric boat.

Ever tried air sofas? They are literally the most comfortable thing on earth! We always used them in Austria for chilling out as they are much more comfortable than a beach towel. Ever since my dad bought them, I’m in love with it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Check them out here.

Dad and me on our beloved air sofas. ๐Ÿ˜€

➳ Tip: Next to the Achensee you can find the famous hike “Bärenkopf” that NEEDS to be on your list (see below)!!

Day Hike – “Bärenkopf”

Hiking Bärenkopf is a must that needs to be on your Tyrol Travel Itinerary! Lots of you guys have asked me about this place on my Instagram stories and I can tell you that it even looks more amazing in real life.

Bärenkopf has one of the best viewpoints at almost 2,000 metres altitude from where you can see the blue Achensee and its surroundings.

1. Take the gondola

The hike starts in Pertisau, where you take a gondola to the first part of the mountain. From here, you will start hiking and already have the first breathtaking views.

*Gondola Tickets
19,00 EUR return

You can buy the tickets in person at the counter.

2. Hiking to the top

From the gondola station, you will start hiking all the way to the top. The hike is moderately difficult and you can expect it to be steep including some parts where you need to climb (there’s a rope making it easier for you).

The views are stunning and you will see the Achensee, steep mountains surrounding you and beautiful flora and fauna during the hike.

Alpine cows & amazing views on the way up.

If you are used to hiking you won’t have problems to master all the way up! My dad (he’s 54 and didn’t go hiking for over 2 years) also made it to the top, even though he needed lots of breaks and suffered severe muscle pain for the next days. ๐Ÿ˜€

After 2,5 hours you will reach the top! Here you should plan some time to enjoy the views.

➳ Tip: There is no alpine hut on the top of the mountain. The only chance to have a break and eat something is shortly before the steep part of the hike starts. There you will find a cute hut, where I highly recommend you to charge energy for the hike.

Only Alpine Hut in the beginning of the hike.

➳ Good to know: The last gondola back down is going at 5 pm. Start your hike early, so you don’t feel rushed getting back down on time (you’ll need around 2 hours back down).

What to bring for the hike

Make sure you don’t forget to bring the following things for the hike:

  • Enough Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Snacks
  • Hat (for preventing sunstroke: it gets really hot when sunny)
  • Sunglasses
  • Cash
  • Rainjacket in case of weather change
  • Face Mask for Gondola (COVID-19)

After the hike

After you’re back at the bottom & took the gondola back down again, you can refresh and relax at the Achensee as it’s right nearby. It’s a beautiful way to end a long hiking day.

If you’re hungry, check out Peter’s Grill, located right next to the Achensee. They mainly have meat dishes, but a couple of veggie salads (e.g. with mozzarella sticks) that are massive and really filling!

“Silvretta” Hochalpenstrasse – National Park

Silvretta Hochalpenstrasse is an awesome driving experience! Also called the “dream road of the Alps” it’s one of the most beautiful and popular mountain roads in the Alps.

The breathtaking mountain backdrops of Silvretta and its lakes look picturesque, which makes it one of the best things to do when travelling in Tyrol. You might even think you’re not travelling in Europe (reminding partly of New Zealand) as the landscape here is so remarkable.

➳ Entrance for one vehicle up to 9 people is 16,50 EUR. The tickets are available at the entrance.

How to get around

The best way to travel in Tyrol is by own car. There is public transport too including buses and trams, but they are not reaching all the destinations that are worth visiting. It’s best and most flexible to explore everything with your own vehicle.

➳ Good to know: For being allowed to use all the highways and roads in Austria, you need to purchase a vignette! You can buy those for 14,50 EUR (valid for 10 days) at petrol stations.

Food in Austria

The food in Austria is yuuuum! For veggies it’s harder to find a variety of dishes, as traditional Austrian food is mainly meaty. Therefore, most restaurants only have a few options. Here are two veggie dishes that you have to try!


Käsespätzl is a traditional kind of pasta with looots of cheese and roasted onions. It’s a dream for pasta and cheese fans (Who’s not right?!). You can find this dish in almost every restaurant because it’s really common in Austria.


Are you looking for a more sweet option? Kaiserschamrrn is a must-try! It’s very similar to pancakes, just much better! It’s served with fresh apple mousse on the side and is a true delicacy.

Places to Stay

Remote mountain huts, chic spa hotels or historic guesthouses- you can find all when you travel to Tyrol.

Holiday apartment

Most often those apartments are an absolute dream in a typical Austrian building, with balconies covered in colourful flowers offering amazing mountain views. That’s the best way to wake up!

Like mentioned above, Lechtal is a beautiful place to have your base for the next days. You can book apartments online on FEWO Direct or Booking.

Book your accommodation in Lechtal, Tyrol here.
See all accommodations in Tyrol.

➳ Tip: The apartment we stayed at is located in a cute town called Hägerau. Anyway, I would only recommend you to stay here if you have your own vehicle, as other locations are hard to reach otherwise.

Our holiday apartment in Hägerau.


If you prefer staying at a hotel, you will find many options in Lechtal, as well as other parts in Tyrol.

See all places to stay in Tyrol here.

Best time to visit Tyrol

The best time to visit Austria is during the shoulder months in spring (April – May) and in autumn (September – October). Then, the weather is excellent for outdoor activities, and there will be fewer tourists. The high tourist season is from June to August when there’s excellent weather and sunny days.

The winter months bring snow and turn Austria into a Christmas-card scene with snow-frosted forests, a paradise for ski and snowboard lovers!

➳ Good to know: High season for skiing is mid-December to March.

Travel Costs Austria

When you travel Tyrol and its surrounding places in summer, you can expect the following prices:

*Hotel / Apartment: from 95 USD / night
*Price per meal: 60 USD / 2 people
*Entrances: 20 USD / day
*Transportation: Petrol Costs

➳ Good to know: If you’re a winter lover and want to visit Tyrol for skiing and snowboarding, the prices jump considerably during the winter skiing season (sometimes as much as double). It’s wise to book well in advance!

Austria during Covid-19

(Status: July 2020)

Austria is now less affected by COVID-19 overall but is currently experiencing increasing numbers of infections. Hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions are open, but you are required to wear a face mask in public places.

The borders are only open to certain countries from the EU without restrictions (e.g Germany). Check below to see if you’re country is eligible.

Check current information on entrance restrictions here.

Remember to travel with awareness to protect your own health and those of the people around you. Keep social distancing in mind and don’t forget to wear your face mask in public places! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I hope you enjoyed reading this Austria Guide for Tyrol Travel! For more insights on our adventure here, make sure to check out my Instagram Story Highlights. ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise, share your thoughts and questions below!


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