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Western Australia

Welcome to Western Australia!

WA really is a unique and beautiful place.
Compared to the East Coast of Australia, this part of Down Under is very different and less touristy.

Being our first road trip in Aussie Land, we remember our 3-week adventure here as our favourite destination in Australia!

Untouched landscapes, hours of driving through the pure desert and red sand-covered roads while kangaroos and emus run next to your camper.

How can you not fall in love with this place?


First, we flew from Melbourne to Perth, the capital city of WA with 1,9 million people.
We spent 2 days in Perth, checking out the city, some of the bars, exploring King’s Park and visiting beautiful “Fremantle”.

Then, we picked up our hired car and finally hit the road to discover Western Australia.

Can you see the excitement in my face? 😀

Beach in Fremantle.

The beaches in Western Australia are so stunning!
Blue waters and white sand beaches could never disappoint us.

After buying necessary things like food, gas cooker and water for the next days of road tripping, we started off into the desert…

On the road

Into the wild!
And with that, I mean really into the wild for 3 days…

The first stop we headed to was “Karijini Nationalpark” that we had heard about a lot.
We decided to take the inland route through the outback up to Broome. It takes about 15 hours to get from Perth to Karijini choosing that way.

First picture with our hired car from our first “camping spot”.

Most of the time we slept inside the car because you could put the seats back, which was actually quite comfortable, but we also had a tent with us that we used the one or other day.

➳ Tip: Most of the camping spots and rest areas in WA are for free. That’s how we saved a lot of money on accommodation!

Our view for the next 3 days of driving. Exactly how I’ve always imagined Australia to look like!

During our drive through the outback, we saw nothing but red sand and a lot of kangaroos.
The 3 days of driving took very long and we had to fight against fatigue every day because of the very hot temperatures and the never-ending, straight, desert streets.

Anyways, it was such an unforgettable experience to spend several days in the outback, cut off from society, in the wild and falling asleep every night with a sky full of a million stars.

Train tracks in the middle of the desert.

Walga’s Rock

On our way to Karijini National Park, we stopped at Walga Rock, located in the middle of the desert. It’s the second-largest monolith in Australia!

You can find beautiful Aboriginal rock paintings and the scenery is very special.
Besides that, you can climb to the top of the rock, from where the views are definitely worth the effort!

Me in front of “Walga Rock”.

On the way to the top!

When we made it to the top, we couldn’t believe our eyes- the view was breathtaking! It was impressive to see that for thousands of kilometres there was nothing around but red sand…

Having lunch on top of Australia’s Golden Outback!

On the top, we had the glorious idea to have the probably most special lunch on earth (Yes, we carried all the things to the top… haha).

We were by far the only tourists around and nobody could take this moment from us! We spent almost 2 hours enjoying the best pasta with a view and being thankful for life.

Karijini Nationalpark

After 3 days, we arrived at Karijini Nationalpark.

To be honest, we didn’t expect anything because we didn’t even know what there was to do or see in the Nationalpark.
In the end we can say for sure that this was our favourite spot in Western Australia!

Welcome to Karijini N. Park

Karijini is so much fun and really has to be on the top of your itinerary!!!

It’s famous for its massive ancient gorges, crystal clear rock pools and waterfalls which makes it a must-do for anyone who is seeking adventures.

Karijini has a lot of different walks, hikes, adventurous activities and stunning nature to offer.

We spent 3 days camping in the Nationalpark, exploring different corners every day and would have loved to stay longer, as there was so much more to see!

➳ Tip: Book your camping spot in advance because there are limited spots that are booked out quickly.

Fortescue Falls

After packing sunscreen, bikini and a towel we headed to the “Fortescue Falls”. A pretty and easily accessible waterfall where you can swim in the water!

Fortescue Falls

Even though the water was freezing, it was nice to swim around the rock pool to arrive at the waterfall and enjoy the nature while sitting right next to it.

Magic moments in Western Australia and stunning views over Karijini.

The views that you have from the view points in Karijini are breathtaking!
It’s almost scary to see how the gorges open up steeply right in front of you.

Mt Bruce

On our second day in Karijini, we wanted to explore Mt Bruce. That’s the second-largest mountain in Western Australia!

The hike to the top is not very easy and you have to climb steep hills, rocks and cliffs.
Some of them are located at a steep height and for someone like me who is afraid of heights, it can get pretty terrifying.
But like always: overcoming your fear is worth it and pays off!

First picture of steep views- this was half way to the top. Already worth the effort!

Carnivorous lizard! Should I better keep my distance?

Then, we saw a massive lizard!
Later we found out that those ones are not eating plants, but meat. Real monsters… 😀

Will never forget these views…

Weano Gorge

Our last day in Karijini meant: time for a real adventure.
And we got that real adventure at “Weano Gorge”.

Following winding corridors to rock pools and waterfalls was by far the best hike that we did!
In some parts of the walk, you even have to swim in between the huge gorge corridors to get to the next part of the track, which makes the whole journey even more exciting.

(Ah yes, the water is freezing!!! )

Not knowing what will expect us…

We didn’t know that we will have to take off our things soon to continue the hike.

Suddenly we stood in front of knee-high water and rock walls. There was no other way to go around and continue the track without getting wet.

That meant: things off and into the water! For a few minutes, we walked through knee-high water and had to climb along the rock walls.

Luckily nobody fell in…

Between impressive gorges in Karijini.

After a few hours and several more challenges where we even needed to swim between the gorges, we all made it to the end of the track.
It was an adventure and I would highly recommend everyone: visit Weano Gorge!


After our adventure in Karijini, it was time for our next stop and some relaxed beach time in Broome.

Broome is a small coastal city located in the north of the West Coast.

Our italian friend Elodi that we met in Karijini National Park, handcrafted a dreamcatcher for us as a goodbye! Until nowadays she is a really good friend of ours.

It’s a long drive (9,5 hours) from Karijini Nationalpark and we were glad when we arrived.

Cable Beach

One of the main things to see in Broome is Cable Beach.

It’s an absolute dream beach with 22 km of length, white sand and blue waters.

From our first day, the weather was perfect: lots of sun and 30 degrees!

Besides chilling out, Cable Beach is known for the camels!
You can rather just watch them or even take a camel tour (starting from 40 AUD).

Espcially during sunset, it’s beautiful watch the camels pass in front of the golden sun.

Broome really is a magical place!

Besides Cable Beach, we went to explore Town Beach.
Indeed, there were signs on the beach everywhere, warning the visitors of crocodiles that might be hiding in the waters. I made a determined decision not to go for a swim here…. 😀

Yes, I’m a tropic lover! And love coconut trees.

Another must do in Broome: Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park.
Here you can watch how these big predators get fed, which is really impressive and scary! I really wouldn’t like to meet one in the wild…
Excpet for this one maybe…

Cuter than his mum for sure, but not for long.

As you can see, you can hold baby crocodiles in the park. Honestly, I find them very cute!

But the park is not only about crocodiles, you can also spot many different kinds of birds and other wild Aussie residents.

Coral Bay

After Broome, we’ve spent a few days at Coral Bay to visit the World Heritage Area “Ningaloo Reef”.

Here, we spent 2 days exploring the reefs, swimming with turtles and watching amazing sunsets.

Sunset Lover

This place is also known for swimming with whale sharks, an amazing experience that you should consider doing if it fits into your travel budget.

*Prices start from 410 AUD

Shell Beach

Ever imagined a beach completely made out of shells?
Off to Shell Beach!

Here, we also met our friend Elodi with her campervan again!
We decided to travel together for the next days.

What else do you need if you can wake up like this?

Shell Beach is not a usual beach like other ones. Actually it can get a little painful walking here. 😀
Instead of sand, the beach is covered with small white shells. It’s a special beautiful sight made by mother nature and worth visiting.

Monkey Mia

On the road again…

Next stop: Monkey Mia!

Monkey Mia has taken our breaths away!

The reserve is located within the Shark Bay World Heritage Area surrounded by red sand dunes, white sandy beaches and famous for its wild dolphin experience.

For more than 50 years, the wild dolphins come to the shore of Monkey Mia beach every day! It’s one of the world’s great wildlife experiences.

The dolphins are only fed according to strict guidelines and under supervision of the Wildlife Officers working here to ensure the dolphins are still hunting and behaving naturally.

A dolphin and its baby coming so close to us!

You can experience the dolphin feeding and watch them come close to you, but the times differ every day from 7 am – 12 pm depending on when the dolphins decide to come in.
Besides that, there are some instructions and regulations that the visitors have to follow for the well being of the dolphins.

It’s an unforgettable experience and a must-do when travelling Western Australia!

Day entry: 15 AUD p/p to enter Monkey Mia Reserve. Doesn’t include the costs of accommodation yet, but you can get amazing camping spots close to the beach if you want to stay overnight.

➳ Good to know: Outside of the feeding time, the dolphins often spend their afternoons in the reserve swimming and playing around.
You can also do kayaking and swim in the waters, which is awesome when the dolphins are visiting! Even though, there are wildlife officers around all the time to take care that everybody is keeping the required distance to the dolphins and nobody touches them. The well being of the animals is high priority in Monkey Mia!

Kayaking with wild dolphins by our side was UNREAL!

Apart from dolphins, you may see dugongs, sharks, rays, turtles and a variety of fish in the water. Beside the water you are likely to meet pelicans and emus.

➳ Tip: You can also apply as a volunteer at Monkey Mia working together with the dolphins for a maximum of two weeks!

Importunate Emus

We actually had a really intense encounter with three emus on our camping spot. We had just prepared lunch outside of Elodi’s campervan and didn’t pay attention for a while. When we turned around we saw three emus standing half inside the camper. Their heads were digging through the kitchen stuff and clothes.
We didn’t know what to do because emus are actually very big birds and can get aggressive if you approach them. We started panicking a little, I mean, it’s not quite a casual situation to have a few emus inside your campervan.
After a few minutes, they found what they apparently were looking for: razor blades.

Until today we don’t know why they decided for a package of razor blades, but in the end, the whole story was really funny and we still laugh about it today!

Kalbarri Nationalpark

Kalbarri Nationalpark in Western Australia offers different hikes, walks and stunning views over the “Murchison River”.

Besides that, you can do activities like abseiling, diving, kayaking, surfing and swimming.

We decided for the Z-Bend Track, a nice hike including climbing, crossing creeks and enjoying beautiful viewpoints.

Elodi and me exploring the beauty of mother nature in Kalbarri N. Park

And Ville found his territory as well.

Views over the Murchison River and Western Australia’s landscapes.

Climbing the Z-Bend Track. Watch out, the rocks are slippery! 😀

Pinnacles Desert

After almost 3 weeks of intense travel along Western Australia’s Coast and outback, we have arrived at our final spot before heading back home to Melbourne.

The Pinnacles Desert is a very interesting spot you can visit in Nambung Nationalpark.

Almost the end of our roadtrip in WA.

Thousands of “Pinnacles” protrude from the yellow sand in the nationalpark like a petrified army.
It’s fascinating to walk through the mystical and extraordinary desert atmosphere!

Strangely enough, we discovered huge footprints of a wild animal in the sand. We suspect it were those of a Dingo.
It was really scary, just because far and wide there was no human soul, just us alone in the middle of the desert.

Well, what do you expect in the middle of the wild in Western Australia?

“No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. And when we know this, we become free.”

Lancelin Sand Dunes

Lancelin is Australia’s number one sandboarding destination and only 85 km from Perth.

The white sand dunes stretch for miles and perfect for sandboarding, quad biking or 4 wheel driving.

You can book a guided tour or rent/bring your own sandboard.

After almost 3 weeks, we drove 6,000 km and crossed most of Western Australia! So many memories we will never forget.

For our last evening, we came to the top of the sand dunes for watching the sunset & enjoying the last hours in Western Australia.

➳ Read: Melbourne- my home for 2 years.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about our roadtrip in Western Australia! What are your impressions of WA? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. Gatinho
    March 12, 2020 / 3:38 AM

    I feel really lucky finding my territory! Hahaha Oh that was definitely my favorite trip in Australia! So many good memories and friends!!!

    • annabcm
      March 23, 2020 / 4:02 PM

      Mine too! Western Australia is so unique and I loved everything about it. Can’t wait to be back one day!

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