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Campervan Trip Tasmania

Besides living and having our home base in Melbourne, Ville and I did several roadtrips together outside of Victoria.
We wanted to explore the different corners of Down Under and one of them was Tasmania!

We hired a capervan and spent 7 days cruising around Tasmania checking out stunning landscapes and living a campervan life in the middle of the nature.


Our campervan “Snoopy”!

We booked with “Wicked Campers”, a company offering colourfully sprayed campervans, which really gives the trip a “Hippie feeling”. 😀

Some of the vans are very old and you can only drive them manually, which I needed to get used to again in the beginning.

Happiness is a path, not a destination.

Our roadtrip started in Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania.

After one day of visiting the must do’s like Salamanca Place, Battery Point, Sandy Bay etc. I picked up our campervan.
The streets here can be very narrow and steep, where I had my first panic moment with “Snoopy” because I got skind of stuck while driving up the hill… haha.
But in the end everything went well and the roadtrip could start!

Tasman Peninsula

First stop: Tasman Peninsula and its beautiful view points.

Some of the stops worth looking at:

*Pirate’s View
*Tasman Arch
*Devil’s Kitchen
*Eaglehawk Neck
*Remarkable Cave and Port Arthur.

The landscape in Tasmania really reminds me of the landscape in New Zealand!

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Columba Falls

Off to the first waterfall!

Real backpacker style… Pasta and tomato sauce… I think all the backpackers can relate that this is the best, cheapest and easiest dish for roadtrips! 😀

Making our way through the jungle to Columba Falls.

The waterfall is 90 metres high and absolutely worth visiting! We spent hours exploring the area and enjoying the sound and energy of the water.

Bay of Fires

The “Bay of Fires” were one of my favourite places in Tasmania and should be on the top of your itinerary. Don’t miss it!

Beautiful turquoise waters and big, fire-orange stones make a stunning scenery.

We spent half of the day in this magical place because we enjoyed the vibe so much!

Freycinet Nationalpark

After our great time in Bay of Fires we headed to Freycinet Nationalpark. We felt overwhelmed by the views!

Wineglass Bay.

You can choose between different hikes that take different amounts of time.
We decided for a 5 hour walk to the top of the viewpoint and down through the jungle, to arrive at the amazing beach on the bottom.

Right choice!

Finally arrived on the beach.

Back at our campervan it was already getting dark and there was a surprise waiting for us: a wallaby with its joey!!

This was sooo special and cute!

Wallaby and joey.

Cradle Mountain Nationalpark

New day, new time for exploring!

Cradle Mountain Nationalpark” is my favourite second place in Tasmania and a must do! It really takes your breath away and the nature is incredible.

On our way to the nationalpark, Ville had the glorious idea to drive down a muddy hill in the middle of nowhere that was 5 minutes off road, just to “see what’s on the other side”.
After I already tried to explain that this was not a good idea with our 2 WD & old campervan, Ville, of course, just followed his excitement…
Guess what? We got stuck 😀

There was literally nothing and no one around that could have helped us. Not even service on our phones.
2 hours later we managed to get our campervan out of the mud back to the top of the hill.

Happy about surviving and saving our camper we finally made it to Cradle Mountain!

Ville made new friends with a wombat!

Aren’t the reflections in the water amazing??

There are different walks and hikes you can choose from in the Nationalpark.
We chose the calm and easy 3 hour walk “Lake Dove Circuit” around the lake. It was beautiful!

➳ Good to know: Close to this nationalpark you can find the “Overland Track”. A famous, more difficult hike that takes 6 days and is supposed to be stunning!

Bye bye Cradle Mountain.

Montezuma Falls

The Montezuma Falls were our last stop in Tasmania and a last perfect Wow-Moment before leaving back to Melbs.

We found the waterfall by coincidence on the map and in the end I would say: this is a must visit when in Tasmania!

It takes 3 hours return to get to the 104 m high waterfalls that are the biggest ones in Tassy!

They are massive and we were blown away when we first caught sight of them.

Overcoming my fear of heights was worth it!

You can walk over a big supsension bridge, from where you’ll get the best views of the waterfalls.
This is pretty scary and definitely a test for your courage if you are afraid of heights like me.

Montezuma Falls from the bottom.
Here we refreshed ourselves and said goodbye to Tasmania.

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This was our roadtrip with Snoopy in Tasmania! Is traveling in a campervan something for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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